Massive disaster is created by the cyclone storm OCKHI hit on 29thNovember 2017 in the sea costel of Kerala, India specially in Trivandrum and Kanyakumary distric of Tamilnadu.

There are also large number of fishermen operating their crafts from Kollam Neendakara, Cochin and Bepur. Now a huge causality including life is reported. The number of missing fishermen are more than one thousand. A large number of fishermen operated through the larger boats in Cochin and Thoothor and Kulachal are missing and expected to have stranded in various ports in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Goa, Lakshadweep etc. Casualty is expected more than one hundred. The local churches of Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum and Kottar are very much engaged in the rescue operation and relief work and & along with the state government and Central government. The families of the deceased fishermen and the missing fishermen are grieved and agonized and are in prayer awaiting our Lords intervention on behalf of the people we earnestly solicit your prayers and support .

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Pain Lingers in Kerala hamlets

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Several hundred fishermen are feared missing, Fr. Deepak Anto, executive secretary of the media commission of the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum, wrote in an email to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication urging for help.